Making Dreams Come True - Two Feet at a Time

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Meet hot Cassie Ramone @Footnight LA in just 7 Days!

Just 7 Days to go for the July 24th LA Footnight!

Now 50 Best-of-the-Best Foot Girls confirmed!
Lots of your favorites are coming back as well as phenomenal brand new ladies to Footnight!

Here is one of the new ladies that will be there…
Meet gorgeous, blonde Cassie Ramone…

"Hello! I’m a tall, blonde 21 year old, born and raised in Los Angeles. I am a fetish & webcam model, and have grown to really love foot fetish the past 2 years. I have really long toes and really nice toenails to show off all my favorite colors of polish. I so hope to get the chance to participate in your parties, I heard about them recently and right away knew I’d be a great addition to your models and have a BLAST showing off my pretty feet to foot worshippers and fetishists alike. Your events sound like a total blast, and being that feet are my favorite fetish (size 11, and proud of it!), I think I’d fit right in! :)


Full models list and Instant Access to the July 24th Footnight at:

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**Breaking News!**
Heather Retains Crown at last nights June 10th @Footnight Las Vegas #Footsmelling Night!

As promised, Heather came to last night’s party ready, prepared and determined to win the Footsmelling Contest and retain her title!

But it was no easy feat (no pun intended)!
10 girls spent many days with their own preparations for the contest!
Shoes were worn all day in the 100-plus degrees Las Vegas temperatures, some for several days in a row!
The same socks and shoes were used for working out at the gym day after day!

I personally did a “quality control test” ;) of all of the ladies feet prior to the contest, and believe me, these girls brought it!!!
They proudly pried the sweaty shoes off their feet to reveal their hard work and effort…
The smell of their feet ranged from the fragrance of sweaty leather pumps, well worn flats, athletic shoes and stripper heels!
Wheweeee!!! Astounding!!


When contest time arrived, the lucky raffle winner (we’ll call him M) assumed his position on the floor with 10 amazing stinky-footed girls surrounding him…
The shoes came off and the stench of sweaty, smelly female feet filled the air!
Their feet descended on his face, covering it entirely, each girl taking the opportunity to rub her smelly toes on his nose.
There was nothing else in his world at that time than the sound of gleeful female laughter and the feel, sight and smell of stinky female feet.
He lay almost in a hypnotic state, not moving.. just allowing all of his senses to be taken over… transcending to Foot Heaven!


After what seemed like an eternity, it was time for M to make his decision on who the stinkiest feet winner would be.
Each of the ladies extended their feet out to him so he could get a final deep whiff of their feet.

The tension in the air was almost as thick as the smell of feet that was hanging in the room.

And then the decision came…

A tie for second place.. beautiful Victoria Wolf from San Francisco and sexy Ashley Soles from LA!

And the Winner…. ONCE AGAIN.. 2ND TIME IN A ROW… HEATHER!!!!
It was a tough battle, but the gorgeous blonde, shapely Heather once again reigned supreme, proving that beautiful ladies feet CAN DEFINITELY SMELL! ;)

The guys were then all given the privilege of smelling all of the girls feet, one by one.. and the party went into full swing!

Another awesome night of foot fun.
Thanks to the incredible ladies and the great group of guys who attended and helped make this such a cool night.

Make sure to sign up for the next July 31st Footnight in Las Vegas… Registration is now open.

Have a safe and fun weekend,
Steve Savage

P.S. - Next Footsmelling night TBA

P.S.S - Keep an eye out for the full set of photos from last night’s party at

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RavenRae Heats Up Tonight’s Las Vegas @Footnight

Breaking News!
Tonight’s (July 10th - 8pm-1am) Footnight Las Vegas Footsmelling Night Has Heated Up to a Whole New Level!

RavenRae is in Las Vegas and will be bringing on some “smell power” that takes the party and the contest to a whole new level!
Known for the brutal smell that her hockey shoes bring to her feet, RavenRae is seething with confidence that she is going to take the title from Heather with ease!

But if I know Heather, she is not going to take this challenge laying down. She plans to bring it!

But don’t forget about Amanda! Amanda arrived just a couple of minutes late for the last contest, but the judge of the contest had a session with her and said that she was a very close second to Heather!
So it’s retribution time for Amanda tonight!

These girls might be the favorites going in, but there are a bunch more ladies who are all planning to create an upset! Don’t count anyone out!

If you love smelling stinky feet, this is the real thing thing baby! So don’t miss out!
This is your last and final call!

Hurry up and secure your spot. We have enough guys, but I’m going to open it up for a few more guys so you don’t miss out on this not-to-miss event.

Go here to book your spot before it’s too late:

Hope to see you later,

PS - I hope you don’t mind, but it looks like there are going to be more girls than guys tonight! :)

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New Photos - Gorgeous, tanned Gaia from Costa Rica at the May 22nd Los Angeles @Footnight - Hot is not the word to describe Gaia! It’s more like SIZZLING!! Gaia walked into the room and heads spun in her direction! The color of her skin was almost bronze from the island sun. Her sweet personality, cute accent and gorgeous figure and feet melted all who were fortunate enough to share space with her. Sadly Gaia had to go back to her home in Costa Rica, but we truly hope that she’ll be back in the not too distant future.
Go here for the Photos

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Tomorrow.. Thursday July 10th - 8pm-1am
@Footnight Las Vegas Footsmelling Night + Stinky Feet Contest!
Just a few spots open!
Here’s what you’ll be getting…

Or what about Christie’s feet.. brand new to Footnight and can’t wait to have you sniffing her feet:

Or perhaps the reigning Queen of Stinky Feet Heather!

More photos and info here:

Private Location just 5 minutes from McCarran Airport!
Utmost Discretion!
5 hours of stinky feet footsniffing!
Free soft drinks and snacks. BYOB!

Just a few openings left! 1 Day to Go!
Secure your entrance here:

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@Footnight Las Vegas #Stinkyfeet #footmodels pics posted

Hey stinky feet lovers!

Just 2 days to go and your noses will be filled with the fragrance of sweaty feet that have built up an intoxicating aroma that only the Las Vegas summer heat can produce!

Last month’s Las Vegas footsmelling night was amazing..
The girls LOVED shoving their stinky feet in the guys faces and smothering them with foot smell

And the footsmelling contest was just as much fun, especially for the winner of the raffle!
He lay on the floor and the girls surrounded him. When they removed their shoes, the smell was unbelievable.. Phew!
For 10 minutes he was forced to inhale the pungent smell of the girls feet, and then selected the girl with the smelliest feet.
He was literally reeling, with rubbery legs from the smell, and after his mind cleared, he announced Heather as the winner!

AND Heather will be back to defend her crown!
We also have some of the favorites coming back and several brand new stinky-footed ladies!


Thursday, July 10th - 8pm - 1am
Pvt location. Great indoor space and lovely patio and pool area all to ourselves!
Free Snacks & Beverages. BYOB.

Go here for more info, pictures and to secure your spot before it is full!

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New Video - XXX Star Odette Delacroix at the Los Angeles @Footnight - Cute n’ Sexy adult star Odette removes her flip flops and pushes her hot little feet in your face at Footnight LA - footnight.comJoin us at the next LA #Footnight on July 24th

New Video - XXX Star Odette Delacroix at the Los Angeles @Footnight - Cute n’ Sexy adult star Odette removes her flip flops and pushes her hot little feet in your face at Footnight LA -
Join us at the next LA #Footnight on July 24th